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I will be presenting a workshop and facilitating an open forum at Eastern Maine Pagan Pride Day on October 13th in Old Town, Maine. Hope to see you there.

Snowhawke /|\

Through the Veils – Death and Dying from a Pagan Perspective
Please join Druid priest, Snowhawke, for a workshop on death and dying. This informative workshop will cover a wide range of ideas and information including: death, dying and the grieving process, the role of pagan clergy, preparing for one’s own death, pagan last rites, funerals and legal issues, Death and the soul from a pagan perspective, what Nature informs us about death, and the gift of Samhain and Pagan year-end observances. He will share a recently revised edition of the Death and Dying Handbook written specifically for the pagan community.

Weaving Our World – An open forum on building community
Paganism is diverse, promotes individual expression, direct experience of the Divine in Nature and personal freedom. Yet humans are tribal creatures. We recognize our shared roots of heritage and spiritual philosophy, and honor our thorough interdependence and connections in the web of life. But our day to day world is one of increasing disconnection, distraction and economic instability. Please join in an open discussion on the value of community – Do we need community? Do we have obligations to community? Do we even care? Let’s share our thoughts and idea as we explore where we have come from, where we are at, and where we are going as a people who share a common spiritual tap root.

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