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It has been some time since I have written a post. Winter and work took my all energies. Yesterday though, my grove celebrated Alban Eilir by the beautiful Saco River, rushing with power from the heavy rain and spring melt. We stopped to acknowledge the flow Nature and to remind ourselves that we live in a state of immersion with all that is sacred.

My wife and I have packed away our winter clothing this weekend. The fire which has been burning since October went out. We have daffodils growing pushing up through the leaf mold . The birds at the feeder are in a flurry of feeding, pairing up and mating, preparing to give birth to the next generation.  Life, as always, has changed.

I wrote someone this morning about how to live well in the world. It can be so difficult to be sure of ourselves when we can’t see the end result of our actions. We are limited by our human consciousness. So how can we live powerfully without having to second guess ourselves all the time? How can we be in flow with the cycles of life, fully present, while at the same time, honoring the past and building the future? I wrote the following and I think it a solid foundation to live by, one that allows us to move with some confidence in life, while enabling us to react to the mistakes we inevitably make. It is important for us to remember we are all stumblers in life, flawed and beautiful. I would love to hear you thoughts about this.

“Let your heart lead. Balance it with your intellect. Honor the forces of Nature and how they move through your soul. And live your life through the lens of living with honor. Those things combined set us on the spiritual journey that takes us far beyond the path beyond right and wrong. They set us free. But it isn’t a freedom to do as we will. It is a freedom held within the context of soul deep relationship with the land, the people, and the gods.”

Bright blessings of Alban Eilir,
Snowhawke /|\

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