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Getting back on the path

Sometimes we all just run out of steam. We lose the energy and focus we need to walk our spiritual path with the dedication required to do so with honour. It has been a very challenging summer for me personally and I haven’t posted in more than a month. I have been struggling on my path. Autumn is here though and there is enough darkness for me to find sufficient balance to open my soul up to the world again.

So I am sitting here listening to the delicious rain outside and letting my mind and soul follow it over the autumn leaves and into the rich dark Earth, mixing with the mud and the cycle of decay that is life giving. I am feeling the Samhain tide and beginning to move inward to do my own work of saying goodbye to the year of growth that has now ended with first frost.

Being pagan gives us endless opportunity to find the connection with need. So even when we get overwhelmed in life, in time the tides shift and life changes. Nature is filled with endless cycles of change and at some point, we find a new current that brings us out of the eddy and back into the flow of the river. For us it is vital to cultivate an attitude of being willing to swim out of the eddy and into the stream. Yes, we need breaks, we have things that come up and we feel the need to find a safe harbor. This is part of what it is to be human. But as pagans we know our journey isn’t one of simplicity in a safe harbor. We need to flow with the currents of life or we stagnate.

So my dear fellow pagans, if you find yourself stuck, know that tides of Nature are always changing. The challenge is simply to be ready to ride the tide out and find a new current when the time comes. Getting back on the path is as simple as beginning to walk it again. There is no barrier. Nature is always open to us. We just need to find the courage to open up and let our soul be touched by her. Each breath is an opportunity to do so. Breathe this autumn air. It is delicious…

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