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Part of my grove (Grove of 4) went to see Gaelic Storm last night in Portland, ME. They were absolutely brilliant. We danced until our feet got sore and our hands got tired and red from clapping. The new songs from What’s the Rumpus? were awesome. My favorite tune of the night was “The Night I Punched Russell Crowe”.

My wife is a third generation Irish American. It was so beautiful to watch here reveling in the music of her ancestors. The continuity of musical inspiration flowing from generation to generation, tied deeply into her DNA was so clear, so powerful. It was infectious and made me realize I need to seek out the music of my ancestors (English and French).

If peak oil and economic collapse doesn’t prevent it, I can’t wait to go to Ireland. The Irish druids I have communicated with all seem to have a clue and understand in their very core that sacredness of the land and the culture. My spiritual thought of the day is:

What is your core tribe? How do you honor it? What do you offer it and what doesn’t it offer in return? How can you deepen that relationship so Awen flows?

Blessings of swollen rivers,
Snowhawke /|\

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