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A Samhain Poem

One of my grovemates expressed that she felt she had nothing really to release this Samhain. She has had a great year, riding on smooth currents, finding purpose, love and ecstasy.

Sometime we manage to find a current in life that doesn’t feel like baggage. These currents are precious as they can fuel us through the difficult times. So we feel we have nothing really to let go of. But still there is work to do.

As my musical hero, Bruce Cockburn, wrote in his song Feet Fall on the Road, “Though chains be of gold, they are chains all the same”. A lot of wisdom in that phrase. Even though we may not be carrying any emotional baggage, no intellectual burden, no new health issues that restrict us, there is no way getting around the fact that the past year is behind us. Those days and nights have been spent and we will never get them back, no matter how fond our memories. The past year of our life, is done. And this is always the case as the moments pass by.

In Druidry, we are in a constant process of reaching for wakefulness. So even though the year may have been blissful, it is gone, now an illusion living only in memory. So here at Samhain, as with all of our spiritual activities, we reach for wakefulness, acknowledging the year behind us, finding our feet under us again, here now, in this moment, in this place. And fully present, we check in with our loved ones, our tribe, our coven, our grove, and our own soul. Honoring the tides of Nature and the Spirits of Place, we ready ourselves for the long darkness ahead. And through these sacred rites, we find inspiration.

So on this Samhain, in honor of the inspiration I’ve received, I offer you this poem.

A Samhain Poem

Snowstorm greets the darkness
Precious sunlight slips away from river valley
Our breaths are visible, crystalline in the muted twilight
Sacred river offers up our lesson for this rite

All of our days past are like waters run to the ocean
The river remains
But our days and nights,
Our thoughts and dreams,
Our successes and failures
Our love and our ecstasy
All carried away on currents into nothingness

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