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Harvest Poem

Snowhawke offering a toast of gratitude for the harvestSometimes our harvests are not what we expected them to be. Sometimes the nature of our harvest is simply too complex to spell out. Expression is important though and the results of our efforts can perhaps best be expressed through poetry. So I offer up this harvest poem for you all.

Blessings of change,
Life’s possibilities unfolding,
Snowhawke /|\


Stars wheel overhead, my back to the ground
warm comfort of Mother Earth on a chilly September evening
My fire is transforming old wood
From worn out porch, to pure energy
From broken step, to glowing coals
Salamanders dancing

I see the North star and I think of space travel
Trillions of stars, parallel universes, endless possible lives based on choice
It is a fantasy in which I allow myself to wander into

What is it I am hoping to find?
A different life?
Another lover?
A different dynamic of living?
Another culture?
Another time frame?

Who knows.

Perpetual dissatisfaction isn’t the reason
At the core, I simply dream

Leaves are turning
The harvest equinox arrives this week
My life is boxed up as I prepare to move
I worked hard to finish stacking firewood for the new owner
I patched the roof
I boxed my books

In the distance I hear geese honking
Night flight as they race the shortening days
I lift my mead horn to the heavens
I lift my horn to the trees
Hail to the Spirits of this Place
Hail to the gods of transformation
Hail to the stars as I sit lost,
in the middle of a Universe of my own creation

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