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Mother Snowstorm

Working from home today for the duration of this huge storm. On the other side of the globe, there is an extremely powerful cyclone striking Australia. Powerful expressions of Nature seem to be coming more frequently, the storms larger and causing more devastation.  And I think about the idea of “Mother Earth”. How can a mother both give life and be destructive at the same time?

First, all life feeds on life. No one goes through their soul journey without leaving a trail of destruction in their wake right along side their lifetime of creativity. So perhaps the idea of mother as all caring and giving is one that isn’t reflective of reality? Perhaps we so long for comfort and security, we only choose to see “mother” as “loving and caring”, forgoing looking at all her other aspects.

The consciousness of the Earth is that of a mother. But what we forget is she is mother to all and sometimes what one soul needs is destructive to another. And the destruction of one is in service to the all. We are all part of the web and our individuality and complete autonomy is but an illusion. Acceptance of this is vital.

So as I sit here watching the snow pile up, knowing the deer herd will be culled this winter of deep snows, I give thanks to Mother Earth for the food, shelter and warmth, knowing that perhaps next season, it might be me feeling other aspects of her nature. She is all giving and all taking, completely merciless and it is best if we acknowledge that. As Pagans and children of the Earth, it is essential we find acceptance for it all if we want to craft a relationship to our mother that is soul deep and filled with inspiration. She is open to it but the question remains, are we?

Blessings of shelter,
Snowhawke /|\

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