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Hail the gods of Samhain

In my mind, Samhain has arrived. We had our first hard frost this past weekend. This year’s cycle of growth has ended. Now we dance in the long slow slide to Yule when the sun begins to return and a new cycle of growth begins. Now however, is the moment to say farewell to the year that has ended, to celebrate it, and to release ourselves from past.

So here we are with the year ended but with a new cycle of growth yet to begin. In Druidry, this time between Samhain and Yule is viewed as a time of chaos. It is a time where we can just be, where we can just dream in the dark. Without the image of a new year shaping up, where we are in the midst of planning and getting ready for winter clean-up, spring planting and the inevitable new projects that come each spring and summer, we are free to just dream, not worrying or constrained by thoughts of whether or not our dreams are possible. We free fall into life’s potentialities.

Referring to the myth of Cerridwen and Taliesin, I call this “swimming in the cauldron of inspiration”. We are free from the work of this year’s planting and harvest, yet we are still a long way from next year’s planting. As the nights grow longer, we naturally begin to spend more time inside, more time in the dark. We begin to move inward, contemplating our life, our desires and goals; we take stock in ourselves and reaffirm our place in our families as we begin to withdraw from our outer communities and the greater world. It is natural to do so at this time. Druidry is nothing if not, natural.

So soon I will celebrate Samhain with my grove. Seeing all the children trick-or-treating on Halloween, I will celebrate it again with my tribe (my local community). Outside of those moments of celebration though, I am diving into head-long into the cauldron; journeying inward; dreaming of the life I want to live; dreaming of the man I want to be; dreaming of the world I want to live in; dreaming of life’s possibilities as I lay in the womb of the goddess awaiting rebirth; floating in the essence of divine inspiration we call, Awen.

Where are you at? What is going on in your soul right now? If possible, please share it.

Blessings of first frost,

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