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Nothing ordinary exist

Heavy rain this morning and hard to leave my cozy bed. But alas, the demands of earning a paycheck won out. So here we are in morning traffic in the rain and part of me is still back in bed. I am going through the motions. I think about the rain and remember what it is to have wet clothing. And then it hits me, what an amazing thing it is to be able to move along at 50mph and be completely dry and comfortable. What an amazing thing the automobile is. And then I am more awake and I think about other things such as the clothes I am wearing and what a remarkable thing it is to have machines make such extraordinary weaves. And then I see how lush Maine is this year, like a rain forest – every tree and bush unique yet intimately connected. I am completely surrounded by things beyond my comprehension.

So throughout the day everything I look at seems extraordinary if I actually take the time to really look and notice it. Today has been a day of realizing just what an amazing complex and mind-blowing thing reality is. If we take the time to stop and really look at the world, I don’t see how anything could be labeled ordinary. Nothing ordinary exist in the world I live in.

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