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I am sitting at Union Station Plaza in Portland, Maine waiting for my wife as she has a drum lesson (yes she is that cool :>). As I watch people pass by, I am noticing how my first impulse to judgment as to what each person is all about, is consistently wrong. My first judgment is based on my eyes. After a watching a bit more, I take in more information and that first judgment seems silly. Not only is it based on my vision, it is also based on my preconceptions.

What do we really know of the world around us by using our eyes. What we take in for information visually is simply the light that is reflected off from an object. We actually see nothing of “them”. What can we really know of someone without seeing with more than just our eyes? To really begin to know the world around us, we have to close our eyes. We need to awaken our sense of taste, touch, and smell. We need to learn how our own soul feels next to another. Think of how much a child learns in the first few years of its life – a whole language, how to use its body, what is family structure, what is outside of it. They do this by touching everything. They put everything in their mouth to taste it and to smell it.

Learning and understanding are not based in seeing. They are based in hearing. Hearing implies we hear another’s story, another’s song. Listening to the song implies that we take the time to hear it. It also implies we can see how is fits with our own song. Harmony or dissonance? We think that children are not good at listening. The truth of the matter is they are brilliant at it. They just aren’t good at multi-tasking. They are so engulfed by the songs of another, they shut the rest of the world out. They dive into relationship with their whole being. They learn and understand on a very core level. They seem to understand that things are not what they look like.

And I have to ask myself, how can I get myself to hear as well as I when I was a baby?

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