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I spent the weekend at a friend’s log cabin in the mountains near the tiny town of Byron, Maine. I was there with my wife and a friend. Each time I visit this place it causes me to stop and rethink my way of being in the world.

This simple cabin was handmade from trees off the mountain by my friend and his family. There is a wood-fired sauna, gravity fed water, and gas lights. No electricity. The first thing I always notice when I get there is the lack of hum from AC power. The silence is so refreshing. The sauna so cleansing.

We spent the weekend hiking in the woods, making good food, playing music, staying up late and napping. There are no clocks. One starts to run on natural time. The days of the week have no meaning until it is time to get back home to our jobs.

Having this break was such a wonderful gift. I feel clear. Now I am envisioning my life in a different way, a life that is more simple and one free from the hum of AC. We are planning on building a cord-wood sauna at our place. I am dreaming up solar electricity for our home (its DC instead of AC).

When I get back to Nature, I find peace and creativity. Then the demands of modern life crashes back in and I lose that sense of simplicity, that inner calm. So now I am envision a life where there is no getting back because I will have never left it to begin with. Life is too important to not have peace on a daily basis. Peace = a lack of need. I am learning to separate need from desire.

Do you crave a more simple quiet life? What can you do to find quiet simplicity? How can you renegotiate your life to better meet your needs, to find peace?

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