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It is vitally important that we keep learning in life. We need to prevent our mind from settling into patterns that make us think reality is always a certain way. Because truthfully, we haven’t a clue what reality is. We only know our reality and that is the reality we see via the patterns in our mind. Basically we see what we choose to see. We can choose to see something other.

Using our imagination is really important but also seeking out new learning and new experiences is huge. And this seeking isn’t limited by money. We can do things like: going to a different church every week to see what other people’s religions are like; taking walks in the dark; volunteering at a soup kitchen one Sunday a month; going to the library and just skimming through the books; fasting one day a month; meditating to feel our own soul; trying to feel the spirits of the dead that are around us; doing five push-ups every time we use the bathroom; listening to a song from an unknown band on the web every day and; on and on. All these little things to shift what is the norm. And when we shift from the norm, we open up to a world of possibilities. We aren’t stuck.

We create our realities. We can recreate our realities with thought, inspiration, perspective. The universe is totally remarkable and limitless. We get caught into patterns that make it so small. I mean is a scratch on my car important? Should it ruin my day? Is stopping to fret about it a better use of my time than smelling the apple blossoms on the tree that I parked next to, or listening to the news on public radio and trying to understand what is going on in the economy, in politics, in the environment, in the world. We can control what we allow our minds to think about. These things are choices.

So the question always is, how are we going to look at things? There is never black and white. Life is always shifting. It is never fixed. We need to have a spiritual life that helps us find some balance amidst the constant shifting of the currents of life. We also need one that recognizes that we are all connected. We are all one but we see this oneness from our own unique perspective. That is abstract I know but I think it true. So let’s create a spiritual path that addresses these needs. Let’s live it.

So here is a thought, let’s start everyday with envisioning the day the way we want to unfold. And I don’t mean something like, the lottery numbers come up (though that’s not a bad thought :>), but that our day will go without difficult conflict; that we will have peace in our day; we will have laughter and joy; we will learn something exciting; we will find understanding about how we have created our life and how we now need to create our future. Let’s try to envision the food we eat will be healthy and absolutely delicious; try to envision happiness; try to envision our connection to the Earth and to the spirits of our ancestors who are always with us and cheering for our success. Let’s envision that all of our relationships will hum with the sacred. Let’s spend a few minutes in the morning picturing that we are going to have a great day. And when something good happens, recognize it, and recognize that it happened because our consciousness helped to create it. This is how we can empower ourselves. We are all the co-creators of reality. We can create it however we want.

“It depends on what you look at obviously,
But even more it depends on the way that you see…”
— Bruce Cockburn – from the song “Child of the Wind”

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