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Outside of time

Tomorrow I turn 43 years old. The passage of time is so strange. I’ve had this question running around in my head for a few weeks that has given me some insight. The question is, “when does eternity begin?”

I think when we speak of things being eternal, we are speaking of something outside of the concept of time itself. What is outside of time? The answer that comes to me is, the moment. Time has no power, no meaning, and simply isn’t part of the reality of the moment. The moment is eternal. I believe we can experience this place if we can bring our consciousness into perfect presence. I think the deep profound spiritual experiences and realizations in our lives touch this place. When all the great teachers and masters in the past and in modern times speak of the eternal, they are speaking of a state of consciousness where time no longer applies.

Eternal life in heaven? Well Christ taught the Kingdom of Heaven is within. So it follows eternity in Heaven must be found within you. If you don’t discover this in your own consciousness, you never will find this. I don’t believe Christ ever said he could do this for you. He said you must become “as I am”. I think this is at the core of Buddhism, Hinduism, and indeed at that heart of all transcending religious experiences.

In Druidry, we take this experiential approach of self-realization in the pursuit of what we call “perfect presence”. How do we work this? By waking up the senses. We engage fully in life pouring all of our energy, all of our consciousness into living this life with honor and awareness. We work everyday to wake up to, feel, understand, and utilize all the consciousness that makes up what we call our soul. And what is the soul? It is all of our consciousness in its totality.

How old is our soul? We don’t have a myth about the beginning of the world or the end of the world. In Druidry we work only to become more fully aware of our soul, our consciousness in relationship to the reality around us in the moment. Consciousness isn’t bound by time. It comes into form and breaks apart, only to find new form. It is like the river. The water constantly flows but the river is still there at every moment, ever moving and changing, but it is always the river. Consciousness moves and its relationship to other consciousness is always changing but it remains consciousness.

So 42, 43, 44, 74, 12, 8, 4, 102, what does it matter? My consciousness is always part of reality, and it is always in relationship. Sometimes these relationships have such clarity, they step outside of time. They touch a realization that all of Nature, all of reality is consciousness in ever changing motion. They lead us to the realization of perfect presence.

Every moment is an act of creativity. Every moment is my birthday. Hopefully, I will awake to this realization deep enough in my core that it is the mode from which I live all the time – outside of time.

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