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Follow Your Bliss

I have been watching Joseph Campbell interviews which are absolutely wonderful. If you didn’t know, he coined the term, “Follow your bliss”. I have been meditating on this all this week. Looking at my life, I see that I have managed to followed my bliss within the limited resources I have had in life. Some points have been better than others. I have drifted at times but the call has always drawn me back.

My passion is my spiritual life, my paganism. My bliss is exploring the realm of the sacred. Even when this wasn’t formalized, I spent my time trying to see the sacred, see the whole story, in each situation I was in.

I remember working in a horrible factory filled with fumes and noise. There was a hum to the giant ventilators over the chemical tanks. This was a clear note. I use to listen carefully to this hum and then I would find the note with my voice. And then I would try to harmonize with it. I worked with some great people and some people who were not very nice at all. It was these not so nice people where I made an effort to get through their facades and rough exterior and try to find some common ground. I tried to see their soul and not just their personality. There was one grouchy jerk that took most of the part of the year before he let his guard down enough for us to relate on a level other than his rude hard-ass work persona.

The hard work and consistency in trying to relate to the world in this manner, was and is what I strive for in life. Finding Druidry was a wonderful homecoming, as the focus is learning to craft ever deeper relationship. For it is out of this deeper relationship, we touch and recognize the sacred in another and this makes it easier to see it within our own psyche. From this place of deep relationship, inspiration flows. Seeking inspiration is my bliss.

So ask yourself, what is my bliss? Am I actively living it? Is it the path I follow in life? If not, why not? Your bliss needn’t be an abstract like mine. Perhaps it is music, or writing, or hiking, or wood working, or gardening, or dancing, or any other activity that really drives and excites you in life.

Sure we have to provide for ourselves with food and shelter. But do these activities really take all of our energy so that nothing is left for following our bliss, our passion in life? If the answer is yes, we need to take a serious look at what we have labelled a necessity. Isn’t a small apartment and used stuff enough if it affords us the time to be living the life we really want? Where are we putting energy into things that aren’t what we really want in life? How do we fix this? Isn’t an old guitar we play for three hours a day better than a new one we get to use thirty minutes a week?

Life is short. Do you want to spend your life climbing the ladder only to get to the end of your life and realize your ladder in on the wrong wall? Time for us all to live the lives we really want. Time for us to listen to and follow our bliss.

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