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Earlier I posted some thoughts for the day and here is some follow up on the questions I offered.

What is your core tribe?

I have been thinking about this a lot recently. And when I think of my immediate relationships, I have to say my groves and the extended community of friends is my closest most important tribe. I have maintained an amazing circle of friends since childhood. These people along with my groves constitute the tribe that I feel most important to maintain. These define my local community in a lot of ways.

Interestingly enough, it isn’t my immediate family that I feel as my core tribe. I share a history with my parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, but my life is so very different than anyone else in my family, that I don’t feel this tribe as crucial to my experiencing life to the fullest. Of course we all share the same day to day facts of reality that being a human on planet Earth entails, but my way of being in the world, where I focus my attention and share my passions is foreign to my family. Our curiosities don’t overlap. So the bonds of love and friendship, common interest, spiritual practices, creativity and adventuring, outweigh the bonds of love, history, and genetics. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my family deeply.

Expanding on the statement above, the bonds of my bloodline are strong. When I experience the depth of connection to my ancestors, getting past the living where I can feel the line of souls that stretch back to the beginning of humans standing right behind me, urging me forward in life, reminding me that this is my time, my moment, giving me strength to stand up and live fully, this tribe of ancestors is the most important tribe. However when I am able to do this, I don’t see this as separate from my local tribe. My ancestors are part of me. Our souls are intertwined. They are humanity. And one step further, my groves and circle of friends are part of this humanity. My ancestors and their ancestors are one in the same. We just draw the lines of the past few generations differently. My immediate living relatives are part of this humanity as well.

So what is the difference? When I think on the level of my immediate relationships, sticky with all the challenges of being human and trying to relate to one another given our limited consciousness, my chosen circle is the most important one in my life. It is there that I feel I can most easily express my soul truth. When I shift my way of seeing to feel the bigger web, to get past the physical, the tribe of my ancestors is the most important of all. And this tribe is inclusive.

It is all about how I chose to look at things in the moment. Tribes are like a scribble on a page, circle overlapping circle, overlapping circle, each one connected to the others.

How do you honor it?

I honour it by doing the work to maintain it. I honour it by accepting and honouring the sense of ethics this tribe brings out in each of us. I boast about them to other :>)

What do you offer it and what doesn’t it offer in return?

I bring to it my way of life. Hopefully I have brought inspiration and creativity to my circle, completing the cycle of inspiration as it has been my greatest source of it in my life. I think I offer it passion for living the spiritual adventure. I offer it a unique perspective on many aspects of life. I bring it truth and humor. I bring it some kick-ass homebrewing skills :>)

How can you deepen that relationship so Awen flows?

I can deepen this relationship by working on and learning to craft better relationships with all things. Only by working to feel and better understand my own soul can I deepen the soul to soul relationships in my life. By deepening my sense of awareness, by bringing more consciousness into relationship, I can craft relationships in life where the divine inspiration we call Awen, flows freely.

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Part of my grove (Grove of 4) went to see Gaelic Storm last night in Portland, ME. They were absolutely brilliant. We danced until our feet got sore and our hands got tired and red from clapping. The new songs from What’s the Rumpus? were awesome. My favorite tune of the night was “The Night I Punched Russell Crowe”.

My wife is a third generation Irish American. It was so beautiful to watch here reveling in the music of her ancestors. The continuity of musical inspiration flowing from generation to generation, tied deeply into her DNA was so clear, so powerful. It was infectious and made me realize I need to seek out the music of my ancestors (English and French).

If peak oil and economic collapse doesn’t prevent it, I can’t wait to go to Ireland. The Irish druids I have communicated with all seem to have a clue and understand in their very core that sacredness of the land and the culture. My spiritual thought of the day is:

What is your core tribe? How do you honor it? What do you offer it and what doesn’t it offer in return? How can you deepen that relationship so Awen flows?

Blessings of swollen rivers,
Snowhawke /|\

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